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My first experience with tarot readings happened when I was just 10 years old. I received a powerful, spot on reading from a woman named Era; a reading that I still reflect back on nearly 25 years later. It was not a dark or looming prediction of tragedy, nor was it an empty promise of winning the lottery and being able to kick back for the rest of my life. It was a thoughtful, heart-centered reading. She created a space to help me make sense of what was happening for me presently, as well as to help me explore the tools I already had at hand to assist me.  

My personal relationship to the tarot has undergone many changes over the years. Initially I used the tarot quietly and alone. I branched out to doing readings for family and close friends. Doing this helped me see that everyone is seeking something. What do I do with my life? Will love ever find me? What's going to happen next? Sitting with people and holding space for them is a powerful experience. The tarot is a medium that helps form thoughtful connection and deep personal exploration. The cards are a catalyst for awareness and clarification: an invitation into expansion. For me, it is personal interrogation, not divination.

Why tarot?

  • Powerful tool for personal exploration

  • Assists in creating mental, spiritual and emotional clarity

  • Expands the boundaries of creative problem solving

  • No reading is the same. Readings change and evolve as you do. 

There is incredible magic that happens when we open ourselves up to the truth that lies within. Honesty about who we are can lead to nothing but beautiful and powerfully transformative outcomes, particularly when we combine it with faith and accountability. Tarot is a bit like spiritual scuba. Book a session to explore how to breathe in the waters of the unconscious self!