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The Japanese art of reiki promotes healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This hands-on healing is intelligent in its own right: reiki "knows" where to flow. Whether your discomfort is in mind, body or spirit, the source is accessible via reiki. Receiving a reiki service provides you with an opportunity to quiet your mind, and drop into your body and yourself in ways we are not often able to do. Given our busy, and often scattered lives, the power of presence in your relaxation can be transformative. 

Clients can expect to be left feeling relaxed, grounded and supported. 

Reiki In Your Home

All reiki services are performed over the clothes and do not involve massage. I will arrive with tools to energetically cleanse your space, and to contribute to a comfortable experience. We will discuss the logistics and specifics of where and how services will be prepared upon booking. 

Why Reiki?

  • You are seeking deep relaxation and stress reduction

  • There are energetic and neurological benefits to healing touch

  • Creates space for the mind to become still and for the spirit to speak

If you are seeking an opportunity to heal on multiple levels at once, reiki may be right for you. I could attempt to give you more descriptions for what the experience is like, but the truth is that you must experience it to know!